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Peaceful, Interesting and Affordable Stockwood Museum Hotels

If you do not find a decent place to stay inside London, you can always look for hotels which are located a little outside of the main city. There are plenty of accommodation options near the city which are both cheap and comfortable, a combination which can rarely be seen in the central parts of the capital. If you think you can stay in a hotel overseeing Hyde Park and still save good amount of money on the accommodation, you are in for an expensive surprise. These hotels definitely have the advantage of location, but most of them are way too costly for a small budget vacationer.

Stockwood Hotel

On the other hand, the benefit of staying in places like Luton is that you will find plenty of affordable accommodation options which are half the price for the same kind of hotel near a famous place like Hyde Park. Besides, Luton is a very interesting place to be in. It has many attractions which interest all kinds of people. A 100 acre Stockwood park has a lot to catch the fancy of visitors and keep them occupied all day. Stockwood museum has an interesting display of rural crafts and trades. You can stay in one of Stockwood Museum hotels, which are called so because of their proximity to the famous museum.

When you are done with sightseeing in Luton, you can reach out for London, which is not too far away and is rather convenient to reach if you take the train. The facilities at cheap Stockwood Museum hotels here won’t be much but you will surely enjoy a comfortable stay, in hygienic rooms.

Apart from the usual services, your hotel will have a lounge and a bar, laundry service, dry cleaning service, a luggage room, meeting room for arranging a conference, Wi-Fi internet so that you can access your important emails and ongoing events across the city. One very significant advantage of small hotels is that they are able to give special attention to the needs of each guest. The hotel staff is friendly and would make extra effort to make up for the lack of facilities in the hotel.

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