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Explore the charming suburb of St Kilda

Melbourne can safely be described as the unofficial cultural capital of Australia. It is the capital of Victoria and also is second in terms of most densely populated cities in Australia. It is rated as being out of the best cities to live in and also is the financial hub of the country. It is also home to diverse and multi-ethnic culture with emigrants from all over the world having made it home. This is reflected in its rich cultural and social scene and also in its music, cuisines and lifestyles.  It is situated on the Natural Bay of Port Phillip and is favourite destination with foreign tourists to the country.

One of the areas of Melbourne to visit and explore is St Kilda, which lies in the suburbs of the sunshine city.
St Kilda has a very interesting and illustrious history. In the not so distant past it was home to the upper class citizens of Melbourne society. They shifted to this beautiful spot and built their stately and elegant mansions here. In fact visitors to the area can still see some of the magnificent Victorian architecture around in the buildings and structures around here. It is known to be out of the most beautiful bay sites of the city and has earned acclaim for its café culture, music and fine beachside restaurants.

Visitors to this scenic part of town can stay in sheer comfort and luxury at St. Kilda Road Parkview Hotel which is a charming four star resort. It is close to all the main attractions as well as the business centre nearby, while also offering excellent access to downtown Melbourne. With great facilities, amenities and personalised customer service it is like a home away from home, all at a very reasonable cost.

Travelling to different parts of Melbourne is made relatively easy as the area is connected to downtown by the tram service. One of the biggest attractions at St. Kilda is its Esplanade. It offers some of the most amazing views of Phillip Bay, especially if you go to the Upper Esplanade, which is popular haunt with tourists to St Kilda. The area is well known for its musical events and its famous craft market which is held every weekend on Sundays. It is the best place to shop for locally produced items like ceramics, paintings and a variety of other commodities and goods.

Travel down to the beach and you will be at the Lower Esplanade that is famous for its beachfront restaurants. You will also come across several landmarks in the area which include Luna Park, St Kilda Baths, Pala’s Theatre etc. which are great places to visit and explore.

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