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Live Grand at Sanctum International

The first thing that is grand about Sanctum International is its location; this is the first thing you notice about it before you even enter the beautiful premises of the apartments. These apartments are located in the North West of London. It is close to the St John’s Wood and also very close to the Kilburn Park Underground station and just a little bit away from the Maida Vale Underground station. All these stations make sure that you are connected to London all the time.

Once you have checked out the location, it is time to go in. Everyone knows about serviced apartments and it is common knowledge that they are the most luxurious places that you can stay in London. However, it is time to take it up by a few notches. Sanctum International Serviced Apartments are nothing like anything. They have been designed to provide the very best in hospitality in London as there is nothing that is taken for granted in these service apartments.

The interior are tastefully done and designed to not overwhelm but calm the guests. The apartments are furnished with every amenity, every gadget – basically everything that you need to have a comfortable and luxurious stay. The service is exemplary as all your needs are taken care of by the hotel staff. They even arrange their London tours and make sure that you have seen the city through the eyes of the people of London.

Staying in a serviced apartment is any day better than staying in a hotel as, for a little more money you can get more space and facilities for your stay. Increasingly people are seen to prefer a serviced apartment to a hotel because of the increased services they can get in a serviced apartment. You do not feel that you are staying in a hotel or that you are away from home. It is great for people who want to stay for a longer periods of time and cannot take the constraints of a hotel. Especially when you stay at places like Sanctum you realize how pleasurable travel can be.

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