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Experience A thrilling stay at Regetel Eiffel Capitol

For our Paris vacation last year, me and my better half were keen to book an affordable hotel in Paris since we had read enough tales about how this city is prohibitively for vacationers. So, we did some research online and came across a great looking Regetel Eiffel Capitol Paris with amazing prices. Without any second thoughts, we decided to book Regetel Eiffel Capitol.

Regetel Eiffel Capitol was located only few minutes of walking distance away from the magnificent Eiffel Tower on the iconic Left Bank. During our stay here, we would often go out for a stroll in the evening along the pristine River Seine and would simply love to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up in the night and indeed, it was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. Our hotel offered several modish amenities and conveniences. There was complimentary WiFi connectivity and several other amenities. During our stay here, we were served with lip smacking buffet breakfast every morning. The hotel also had  a well stocked bar where we would occasionally enjoy our favorite drinks.

Regetel Eiffel Capitol

All the 42 rooms  at this hotel were well air conditioned and featured en suite bathroom, mini fridge, in-room safe as well as flat-screen TV. The best thing about this hotel was that it was easily reachable from nearby airports in the city and there were many metro stations located in close proximity to our hotel. The room provided to us was decorated in an elegant way and we were floored by its ambiance and décor. The en suite bathroom in our hotel was well equipped with high-end toiletries. Indeed, I must say that this hotel was a sheer delight. It’s a small and quaint boutique hotel but scores with its expedient location. The staff members at the hotel were quite friendly and extremely warm. They were quite helpful at all times and also very much knowledgeable. Very often, we would ask them for recommendations for local travel sights, restaurants and other such things and they were always forthcoming and shared with us several things to make our stay and vacation a lot more enriching and fulfilling. The room we were staying in was designed perfectly and it was quite comfortable.

The room service staff took great care to ensure the room was flawlessly clean, cozy and warm. The adjoining streets and lanes down the hotel were adorned with several small shops and stores and we would absolutely love shopping at these stores. Indeed, I must say that staying at this hotel, we could experience the true Paris feel and also its location proved to be just the right one for us. At the small shops in adjoining lanes, we would often shop for fresh produce, local wines as well as dig on some mouth-watering local fare that was sold at these stores. One reason why we chose this hotel was for its expedient location which proved to be quite handy for our tours on a daily basis.

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