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Grange Rochester Hotel

Grange Rochester Hotel is like an oasis providing a quiet retreat in the vast and dynamic area of central London which is pulsating with the hustle and bustle of all kinds of activities. Combining the advantage of being located in the core of the city with easy access to most tourist attractions, cultural centres, restaurants, pubs, parks and night clubs with a luxurious stay with all kinds of facilities and amenities makes this hotel one of the most desired places to stay in London. The strategic location of the city gives its guests easy and quick access to the important tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Cathedral, Whitehall, Big Ben, London Eye, Madame Tussauds, the Houses of Parliament, the West End, West End theatre and Hyde Park and many others.

If you stay in Granges Rochester Hotel, you will also have the advantage of being close to famous museums, art galleries, theatres, top-class restaurants, pubs and night clubs so that you can visit any of these places without having to waste much time, energy or money in commuting to these places. Even if you are in London for pursuing your business activities and goals, you will find that since most business headquarters and offices of multi-national companies and banks are located close to your hotel you can easily flip across in the morning and return back quickly after finishing your work for a relaxing drink in the bar and an exciting meal at the restaurant in the hotel.

If shopping is one of your weaknesses or your passion, your stay at the hotel will give you the opportunity to be able to just walk across to Oxford Street and Regents Street and spend the entire day in visiting the different exclusive fashion outlets or even the ordinary department stores and other shops in order to satisfy your shopping urges.

The biggest advantage of staying in this hotel is that it offers luxurious accommodation with many facilities and amenities designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Moreover, the hotel also provides many special offers, packages and good deals especially during the festive and off-peak seasons to enable people with smaller budgets to be able to avail of the luxuries of the hotel at affordable cost. For more visit at

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