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Comfort in the harbour!

This particular motel in South Australia offers you something different, not only because of the location and the comfortable rooms, but the outdoor space that comes with the Comfort Inn Victor Harbor, you are able to relax in the picnic area or light up the BBQ and enjoy something tasty in the sun. Whether you are looking for a long stay or something a little more short term, this establishment has something for you. People who make their reservations here are able to request a room with a kitchen for a more long term stay. If you are looking for things to enjoy, other than the beach here then you will be pleased to know that there are many restaurants and bars around here as well as many shops for you to do a little retail therapy.

Granite Island  is directly off the coast, the motel is only 100m from the beach and from here you are able to travel straight to the island. If you want to travel a little more and you want to have a fun day out then why not take the B37 will take you straight to the Kangaroo Island, which is great for the children and a full day out for all. With so many things to do directly from this motel you will have a wonderful time.

When pictures of this mote started to pop up, initial thoughts where disappointment, then, having read reviews and previous customer experiences, it became apparent that the looks of the motel didn’t matter, it is a comfortable and friendly place where people can relax and feel welcomed, it is easy going and a great choice for all the family, many people, according  to choice hotels have said they have been pleasantly surprised at how wonderful their experiences have been, it’s not just the accommodation that makes the stay worth while but the environment and the location.

Within minutes of leaving the Comfort Inn you are able to find something to keep everyone entertained, museums, shopping, dining, the beach, a cruise, some surfing, and other water activities, a bike ride or simply just carry on walking until the perfect smelling café takes over your senses. Many visitors to this part of Australia spend hours walking up and down the beach, it is a beautiful strip that has clear blue waters for you to enjoy, whether one likes to get in and splash about or simply just wet your toes, there is something serene and tranquil about the whole setting.

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