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The Extravagance of Auris Lodge Hotel

auris lodge hotel dubai The Auris Lodge Hotel is the name of class residence in Dubai. This is a perfect staying destination in Al Barsha. This is the place from where you can access the major city attractions. Here you have the chance to visit the venue of Burj Khalifa. The property is an exclusive hub for all food connoisseurs as there are some of the best restaurants where you can sit and have the finest taste of food. In case you want to have the taste of some of the exclusive gastronomy beyond the hotel arena, you can enjoy the food at display at the MOE and P.F.Chang’s Restaurant.

The Auris Lodge Hotel is the welcome residence in Dubai. From here the Mall of the Emirates and even the Ski Dubai are just within walking distance. Moreover, a short drive from the hotel will take you to places like Dubai Internet and the major Media Cities. Staying at the hotel you can visit some of the most interesting destinations like Madinat Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. The exterior of the building is completely chic and contemporary. Thus, you are sure to be a part of a lavish lifestyle and the authentic luxuries of Dubai. In fact, you have all good reasons to be at the hotel of complete pomp and luxury.

The Auris Lodge Hotel houses the most decorative and wonderful 42 rooms for staying. The rooms of the hotel are absolutely sound proof and the entire room is decked with some of the lavish amenities like flat screen television along with multi-lingual channels. When you enter the living area you are sure to feel so comfortable as you are made to sit in one of the padded armchairs provided for your utmost comfort and relaxation. To make you feel so comfy and warm you would be served with timely tea and coffee. Thus, you have all elite provisions to experience entertainment during the hours of staying. You have the stunning list of facilities and you can count upon the advantages at ease.

At the hotel you are sure to receive the best of comfort in the least of finance. This is an ideal destination for both corporate and casual travellers. Here you are sufficed with the array of personalized services and these are facilities both unique and outstanding. The rooms of the hotel are particularly decked with all the quality provisions. You have personal safes within the rooms where you can safely hoard your valuables. Inside the rooms you have LDC televisions with all the specific satellite channels. You have telephone facilities within the room so that you can make an emergency call at the time of necessity.

The lobby of Auris Lodge Hotel Dubai is perfectly stunning. The reception area is so decorative and appositely designed. The lobby is small and cosy and it is decked with perfect marble flooring. In fact, you have so many things in offer at the hotel that it would take you time to count on the specialties of the destination.

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