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Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is a cosmopolitan metropolis based on a T-shaped island looking out onto the waters of the Persian Gulf. It houses the seat of the UAE government as well as several vital financial institutions and the head offices of numerous multinational corporations.  As might be expected from this brief description, there are numerous luxury Abu Dhabi hotels offering the very best in accommodation for people seeking either a business opportunity or the holiday of a lifetime. Equally, however, there are hotels which offer more easily affordable rooms and those at the budget end of the spectrum for visitors seeking little more than a base from which to explore the city and in which to relax and rest at the end of the day. No matter what it is that you’re seeking, you’ll be able to find it within the hotels listed on the Thinkhotels website, together with a breakdown of the facilities and services on offer.

Arriving at Abu Dhabi generally involves flying into Abu Dhabi International Airport, which is just a few miles away from the city centre and is easily reached by road. Visitors arriving usually travel from the airport to the city via either taxi or bus, and once in the city centre the two forms of transport tend to predominate. The streets are laid out in a user friendly grid pattern and the air conditioned buses run around the clock, making it easy to travel and explore everything which the city has to offer.

The attractions to be found span the entire spectrum, from traditional Islamic architecture to ultra-modern shopping malls, theme parks and skyscrapers. Those with children to entertain, or who are perhaps simply seeking thrills and spills on their own behalf, should make it a priority to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, a Ferrari based indoor theme park which is the first of its’ kind in the world. Travelling around the park, guests will learn the story of Ferrari, dine on delicious Italian cuisine and ride on over 20 rides, including the fastest roller coaster in the world, Formula Rossa, which reaches speeds of up to 240kph.

For a more relaxing time, many visitors make the journey to The Corniche, 8 kilometres of highly designed waterfront which, as well as the white sand and clear blue water, features cycle paths, restaurants and children’s play areas. The waters off the beach have floating fences preventing anyone from swimming further than 40 metres and this, combined with the many lifeguards on duty, makes it an extremely family friendly playground.

For a stunning glimpse of the spirituality and history of the area, go and explore Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This is one of the largest Mosques in the world and its’ 1000 columns, 82 domes and gold gilded chandeliers will simply take the breath away, as will the world’s largest hand knotted carpet. Perhaps the best way to experience everything which the mosque has to offer is to attend one of the 5pm ‘Sunset Tours’, where you will be guided round the mosque as the sun begins to set and the air becomes comfortably cool.

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