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During our Paris trip last year, me and my better half were keen to book a budget, affordable hotel so that we could save enough money to explore Paris attractions and also visit the DisneyLand in Paris which our kid had been wanting to go for a long time. Paris is traditionally an expensive city to live or travel and thus we were under the impression that finding an economically priced hotel was a challenging job. However, we started searching online for budget hotels in Paris and luckily, found Villa Luxembourg Paris which had amazing prices and some equally impressive reviews from previous guests. So, without any second thoughts, we decided to go ahead and book Villa Luxembourg.

Villa Luxembourg

Villa Luxembourg was located on a bustling street in the Montparnasse, which is a residential area. This boutique hotel was decorated elegantly and the moment we stepped in this hotel, we know that we were in for a relaxing and a rejuvenating stay. The famed Luxembourg Gardens were only couple of blocks away from our hotel while the Catacombs were only 800 meters away from our hotel.  We also spotted several business travelers at this hotel since the business facilities were simply awesome. The breakfast area was well decked up with frosted-glass tables and leather chairs in a relaxing green colors. The hotel had a concierge facility from where business services could be availed for various requirements.

Considering that we had booked a budget hotel for our stay in Paris, we were expecting our room to be quite basic with just the essentials and nothing more. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find some modish amenities and facilities in our room. Our room had an in-room safe which proved to be quite convenient to safely keep all our precious belongings. There were 52 guestrooms in all at our hotel. All the rooms in our hotel were well air-conditioned and overlooked the charming Boulevard de Montparnasse or the stunning interior courtyard. Heated towel racks and cable television was also provided in our room. The Jardin Atlantique as well as the Luxembourg Gardens were both at a distance of just half a mile from our hotel. These areas were frequented by joggers. There was also a weekly held Friday Night Skate which was much popular with the skaters there.

During our entire stay at this hotel, we had an amazing time and there was never an occasion to complain. The hotel boasts of a superb location and the room provided to us was quiet irrespective of being situated on a lively Boulevard. All the rooms in the hotel had double glazing which cancelled the traffic noise emanating from the streets. The room that we were put up in was decently sized and the bed was quite comfortable and firm.

The hotel staff as well as the room service staff was very helpful and friendly at all times. The furnishings were also pretty decent. I would certainly stay in this hotel if I happen to visit Paris again.

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