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The largest city of Hampshire, Southampton has a lot of surprises in store for tourists. A home to walls from the medieval era, this city has a rustic feel in some of its parts. With many museums and attractions to boast of, this city provides a relief to tourists who want to get away from the busy city of London. Here you can escape from the clichéd hotel room designs and will get something different, if you have the patience to explore.

The feel of staying in a small hotel, which is set in a medieval setting and looks like a farmhouse, is just amazing if you are looking for peace. One such hotel is the Pig in the Wall. This hotel is one of the four hotels set up by a group which knows how to entertain their guests while still maintaining a unique identity. The other hotels are the Pig in the forest, the Pig near bath and the Pig on the beach.

The Pig in the Wall hotel is a small property with 12 rooms and may be this is the reason why it gives a comfortable and warm outlook. You can have a nice breakfast and supper at the deli in the hotel. But the food here is not the best thing about it, so you may want to plan your meals somewhere else. The best thing about this place is that it makes you feel at home while giving you the luxury and comfort of a good hotel.

There is always one or the other deal on offer, so you might want to check the website before you check in. in fact, making advance reservation online will give you a better idea of what exactly the hotel is like, plus it will give you an assurance that you will not have to look for a place to stay once you land in the city. You can take back souvenirs for your loved ones back home from the museums and art galleries present in the city. This place deserves at least 2 days out of your schedule so that you can break the monotony of the usual UK holiday.

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