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Europa House Apartments

If you want to make the most out of your stay on your trip to London and not stay in the confines of a hotel then Europa House Apartments are for you. For most people, a hotel room, how so ever comfortable, can be a confined space which constrains him. This is the advantage of staying in apartment hotels which are designed to be like homes but have service like that of a hotel.

At the Europa House Apartments, you have a living room, a bedroom, a fully functional kitchen and a garden  where you can relax when you want to experience the outdoors. All these places are beautifully designed and are provided with all amenities so that you have a wonderful stay in London.

The Apartments are located in Westminster avenue and are very near to Notting hill which is another famous area of city. You can enjoy the Notting Hill fair (if you come in the season when it is held), the famous shopping centers of the area and cute little eateries which are very famous amongst the locals and the tourists.

The apartments have designer furniture which give a beautiful and efficient look to the place. The furniture is functional yet beautiful and elegant and takes up minimum space in the apartment so that you can move around in the wide spaces of the place. The kitchen is also sleek and designer and fitted with all the modern amenities that you would need for your cooking needs. There is no modern electric appliance that is missing in these kitchens.

This is where you can cook your delights and entertain your guests and feel at home in London.   The apartments are also designed with beautiful drapes and beautiful artwork so that you can feel the beauty of the city in your apartment. These also help you feel that you are in a real home and not in an alienated apartment where you are just spending some time away from your own home.

The apartment also has TV, Wi-Fi which is chargeable and private parking which is also chargeable and needs to be reserved when you make the reservations. The private garden is your own green space where you can enjoy the outdoors; you can have breakfast here or just enjoy your evening tea. The gardens are beautifully maintained and are green to give you the much needed peace of mind on the vacation.   You can catch early bird discounts or seasonal discounts in these apartments which depends on availability. There are also special charges for kids and you can pay as low as 30 pounds for an extra bed for your kid in these apartments.


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