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The Milestone Hotel

The Milestone Hotel is a stylish and elegant luxury boutique hotel present in the heart of London which promises all kinds of facilities for all kinds of guests. This hotel is beautifully designed by some of the best designers of the world which ensures that every room is different from the other, as beautiful but different so that every time you come to the hotel, your experience is entirely new and refreshing. The hotel is located in Kensington which is one of the up market and elite places in the city. Being in central London it looks over the beautiful scenery of the city and gives you a holistic picture of the beautiful place you are in. Watching this view over a cup of tea in the evening could one of the most fulfilling experiences of your entire trip.

It is not just the view which will take your breath away; since the hotel is located in Kensington, the most important nearby location that you can visit are the Kensington Gardens and the Hyde Park. Both these places offer beautiful places to relax and rejuvenate and experience the nature around you. The view of the park from the hotel is also another breathtaking view of the city that will enthrall you on your trip.

The hotel provides facilities for all kinds of guests. So if you are a single traveler, family tripper or even on a business trip, you will find a place for you and enough facilities to make for a stupendous stay. There are luxury suites and rooms here along with apartments for the guests so that they can have a great time in the hotel. The hotel provides elaborate facilities for the family guests and provide deluxe family rooms, which have king sized beds or twin beds in adjacent rooms or even interconnected rooms so that the children are always near you. There are business executive rooms and meeting rooms for your meetings and also ball rooms for those weddings and other family functions.

The hotel also has an in-house bar and restaurant where you can eat to your heart’s delighted and enjoy some of the best spirits from different parts of the world. The hotel also gives many offers and discounts and deals so that you can enjoy its facilities without burning a hole in your pockets. They also let you enjoy the maximum out of your stay with many facilities offered free or at discounted prize in these packages.

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