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Few cities in the world provide more business opportunities than London. Every inch of this city is soaked in opportunities, whether it is for businessmen or for those who seek leisure. Evidently you can see thousands of tourists coming here everyday, some in search of money making opportunities and some in search of ways to spend it right. The good thing is that both of these jobs can be done all across the city, with little hard work. But you shouldn’t be worrying about spending a tiring day if you have booked a nice to place to stay.
Of all the 5 star, 4 star hotel and apartments, you will have to choose a place which appeals to you in all circles, for instance, it should be well places, not too expensive, comfortable and well equipped. One place which fits this description is 196 Bishops gate Serviced Apartments. Apartments at this place are very well built and suit requirements of a variety of people. From studio apartments to lavish Penthouse suites, you will have a number of options to choose from. The biggest advantage that apartments have is that they have the amenities and comfort of a hotel while still giving you a sense of freedom, just like your home.
196 Bishops gate Serviced Apartments are located right in the heart of London’s financial district. It will only take a few minutes to reach nearby tube station, from where you can travel to any part of the city. There are a lot of avenues for shopping, eating out and partying, right around this accommodation. The benefit of a small property of 47 rooms is that you will get personalized service and attention from courteous staff. Apart from in-room amenities, you will be provided with free Wi-Fi internet, Concierge, Luggage room and much more.
No matter what kind of accommodation it is, what time of the year you are traveling or what part of the city your will be staying at, booking in advance is always recommended. This little homework will give you insurance of an accommodation and also a precise idea of what you are going to buy as you can clearly see the photographs, available facilities and other information about the property on its website. Either book directly from the hotel website or from a website which has reviews and information of other hotels too.

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