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When it comes to stay in style with the subtle touch of chic and class, nothing stands parallel to the hotels in Notting Hill Hyde Park. These hotels are exclusively the boutique hotels, which are exclusively designed keeping the aesthetic part of hotel accommodation in mind. In fact, a guest is provided with all those amenities here which are available in the luxury hotels, and along with that guests can enjoy staying in a peaceful ambiance which is hardly available, other than the boutique hotels. But, why should one choose to stay in the boutique hotels especially when the luxury hotels are available in the city. There are several reason for this.

The foremost thing to consider is that the cheap boutique hotels are fairly reasonable to afford , if considered in terms of price. Secondly, they are excellent in their décor and the peaceful ambiance. Therefore, a lot of people, especially the couples, and sometimes the family prefer staying in this place. Not only they can save on a huge amount of money, which was otherwise spent for paying the luxury hotels, but can also find the same level of comfort here in these places.

Notting Hill of Hyde park is famous for its immaculate serenity and extremely peaceful ambiance. Staying amidst this tranquility is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. And for this reason, Hyde park is extremely alluring for newly married couple or those who are setting out for a sudden detour from the daily schedule.

The hotels in Notting Hill Hyde park is exceptionally designed and there is a subtle touch of uniqueness in their very decor. They not only represent a true Victorian aura in the design of the building, but at the same time they focus on presenting the true British charm in theirs furnishing and the interiors designing. Quite obviously people will be transported back to the 18th century days ass soon as they step into the hotel premises.

While staying here, guests can also explore some of the leading tourist hotspots of the city. Mention should be made of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum on Exhibition Road, and also the Serpentine Gallery.



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