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Taking a pause from the daily schedule to set out for the vacation in the luxurious city of London is indeed a great plan. But, without a lot of time in hand and a good budget, planning a short stay in London requires a lot of considerations. And the best way is to choose a popular yet budget friendly place in the city, which offers an affordable stay as well as resources to have fun. Staying near the Buckingham Palace is a great idea because even if one does not have enough resources to spend for roaming around, the Buckingham palace itself has enough attractions to amaze people.

Most importantly, the event that takes place here are free of cost. The most happening one is the Changing of Guards in the palace. While staying in a hotel near Buckingham palace, viewers can easily get the chance to take part in this event. It’s a traditional event, which takes place regularly at the same time. A grand event of Changing of the Guard takes place on the premises of the palace since 1660. With time, it has become really popular. The new guards arrive from Wellington Barracks to replace the previous ones. This entre event is accompanied by a performance of a band. The entire event is a treat to the eyes and certainly a great experience for those who are going for a detour from the daily schedule. It’s a 45 minutes long event and certainly a crowd puller. Staying in a hotel near Buckingham palace can help people to reach there on time.

Several short stay deals are available on booking a hotel near Buckingham Palace. Take a look here.

Winter Saver

On a minimum stay for 3 nights, 15% discount is available. This offer is available during January and February.

5% off on Spa Treatments

For a short stay, guests can take advantage of 5 % off in the spa treatments in the hotels’ fitness centers

Sunday Special

If rooms are available, guests can book one at £59.00 per night.

A short stay in a hotel near Buckingham palace is a real fun in an affordable way.

Enjoy May Day in London – Early May Day Bank Holiday, which takes place on the first Monday of May, is largely celebrated throughout most of the major cities in the world, and London is by far no exception. For more information visit @ May Day in London.


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