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One of the best ways to enjoy a family vacation in London is to stay in Kensington area since it is so strategically located near the centre of the city. However, staying in a hotel may prove to be an expensive proposition and as such apartment booking in Kensington would be the best option.

Renting a short stay apartment in Kensington will prove to be much more economical than staying in a hotel. Moreover, serviced apartments provide many facilities and amenities that will give you the feeling of staying in a home away from home. Moreover, these apartments are available in various sizes from studio to 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. You can choose the apartment that would suit your needs depending on the size of your family.

The biggest advantage of apartment booking in Kensington is that the apartments provide complete privacy and are available with a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your own meals and thus save on the cost of eating all the meals in restaurants, which can work out to a lot of money. The savings by cooking in the apartment can be spent for shopping, sightseeing or for any other purpose.

By staying in an apartment in Kensington, you would be located in the heart of the city and also near the Hyde Park which is a Royal park. Guests staying in the apartments in Kensington can enjoy the serene atmosphere of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and indulge in several leisure activities. They can also enjoy swimming, boating or rowing in the Serpentine Lake which separates Hyde Park from Kensington Gardens.

Online apartment booking in Kensington should be done well in advance of your trip to the city. By visiting various websites of different apartments in the area, you can compare them with respect to facilities, location and the apartment rent before finalising where you would like to stay. Most of these apartments are privately owned and the owners along with their employees are always at hand to help you for all your needs. You will get personalised service that will make your stay truly enjoyable.

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