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For qualifying as a good hotel, it is essential that the hotel has a combination of many aspects such as good service, clean, large and comfortable rooms, latest facilities and amenities such as a gym, spa or swimming pool and most importantly a good restaurant and a bar where guests can unwind and relax after a hard day’s sightseeing or hectic business activities. Irrespective of the size or type of a hotel and its location, whether it’s a 5 star hotel, guest house or even a bed and breakfast hotel, most customers prefer to stay in a place that has good hotel restaurants and bars.

Most hotel guests are utterly tired when they return to the hotel after a hectic day’s activities and there is nothing that they would like to have more than good hotel restaurants and bars where they can relax, chat with others and have a hearty and delectable meal. In case, the hotel does not have such a facility, the guests will have to move out again from the hotel and look out for a restaurant and a bar, which they will not like to do.

It is not necessary that the bar is equipped with every type of drink but it should have sufficient quantity of the basic beers, spirits and some good wines. Moreover, the bar should have a good bar equipment supplier so that there are enough glasses, cork screws and other bar equipment.

Similarly, a good hotel should have restaurants of a good standard in order to attract customers. There are many hotels where the restaurants serve such delectable food conforming to different cuisines that apart from the guests in the hotel, other people also patronise the restaurant, which adds to the reputation and revenue of the hotel.

Food is everyone’s weakness and if on your vacation, you are not able to satisfy your taste buds, you will undoubtedly brand even a 5 star hotel as not suitable and you may not come back to the hotel in the future.

As such, while planning your trip either for business or for leisure, you need to do your research even in the field of food and drinks that the hotels offer. The quality of hotel restaurants and bars should also play an important role in choosing the hotel where you would like to stay. On the other hand, if a hotel wants to be successful and popular, it needs to have good restaurants and bars in its premises.

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