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The Leonard Hotel in London is situated in Central London, which is one of the most sought after locations for tourists to stay in the city. Staying in Central London is convenient because of its proximity to every tourist place, every shopping place and entertainment centre in the city. It is also the place where real London lives giving the travellers a feel of what London is really like.

The Leonard is a boutique hotel and comparatively a smaller luxury hotel than many of its brethren in the same range. There are just 48 rooms in the hotel that gives it a cosy and warm atmosphere and allows the hotel staff to provide personalised attention to each and every guest, which is of course the hallmark of a good boutique hotel.

There are the classic luxury hotels to the deluxe suites, which offer a range of services to the people over beautifully designed luxurious rooms; there are also luxury apartments for those who want to stay in London for a long time and want more space for themselves. The rooms are designed with traditional design in mind and there are a lot of old and authentic antique work for those who love tradition and the beauty that comes with it. You will see a lot of art in the hotel

Apart from the tastefully designed rooms, other services provided here are the restaurants and the bars, which offer the best of the menus from across the world to the people. You can also taste the most exotic wines and other choicest alcohol from across the world here. Other facilities are the banquet rooms and conference rooms for events and meetings and also for private parties. These banquet rooms are perfectly designed with all modern amenities for the present needs of the people, along with sound equipment and high speed Internet.

You can book the hotel on the Internet without any problems and have a beautiful, very English stay at the hotel when you come to London. You will certainly have a great time here, with the hotel taking care of you perfectly.

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