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It is a perfect stay at Elizabeth Hotel, London because it offers you the most amazing locations of all in London. The hotel is situated very near London’s Hyde Park, just a two-minute walk, which gives you unlimited access to Hyde Park where you can have all the relaxation time that you want. It is the biggest green area in London and Londoners breathe through this park to go through their everyday fast paced lives. It is indeed a pleasure to stay here; you can just sunbath in the park or take a walk in the greens, anyway you will have some of the best moments in London here.

The hotel is an independent establishment and is a family hotel; built as far back as the 1850 it still stands tall to provide the best place to stay in London without a doubt. It is close not just to the Hyde Park but also famous places such as Court of St James and a buzzing artisan market full of traditional craftsmen and artisans.

Initially, the hotel was the house of the most prominent people in London such as Lord Butler and his family and Member of the Parliament Right Honourable Greville Janner Q.C. It was used in the Second World War to house the Polish Army too. Hence, the present hotel has a history of its own which, makes living here such a great delight because you actually live in history and get to see it right in front of you. It also has a celebrated wine cellar, which also has a history of housing exclusive wines. The place, the architecture, the history and the wine cellar all make for great living at the Elizabeth!

Thus the luxury here has deep rooted history, which is why people want to stay in this hotel when they come to London to experience the most elaborated version of history and experience hospitality like never before. You can book the London Elizabeth hotel online for your stay without any hassles; check out the cancellation policy for your advanced booking. You cannot find a better place to stay than here in London.

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