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If you want to experience not just Victorian style architecture but also Victorian style living – with peace, comfort, and quietness – then you should come stay at K+K George Hotel in London. Located near the Earls Court underground tube station, it is a four star hotel which is situated in a quiet corner of London where time moves at its own pace. You can breathe and relax here, as this is the place, which holds guest comfort at the highest place.

The building of the hotel, as is very evident from above, is made in the style of Victorian architecture, which reminds you of the old, London and the beauty of the city. There is a very large private garden in the hotel and some rooms here have the privilege of waking up to the beautiful aroma of morning dew in your room.

The rooms are beautifully designed and hold the tradition of London architecture. The four stars with the hotel name mean that the level of service here is very high and is equal to a luxury hotel. Hence you can expect to be treated like a king in the hotel and receive premium quality service in the hotel.

There is a wellness centre in the hotel where you can go spa, wellness massage and sauna and be fresh and active even on a trip. There is also an Internet lounge here where travellers can use the Internet and printer facilities for their work if needed. These additions to facilities in the hotel show the service level of the hotel and describe its customer centric approach clearly. This hotel is designed to give you the best of the best stay in London; it makes you feel at home with its extra comfortable rooms and helpful and friendly staff. The hotel-staff is forever ready to serve you; to make sure that you do not for a minute feel that you are not cared for.

The connectivity of the K + K Hotel George hotel London to the underground tube station at Earls Court makes sure that you are forever connected to the city of London for fun and enjoyment.

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