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When it comes to the luxury hotels in London, the Montcalm hotel should deserve a special mention. It’s the newest addition in the luxury hotel chain of the capital city of England and is s conveniently located at the Park Lane. Not only holding the charismatic charm of the heritage city of London, the hotel always reflects the refreshing, and contemporary design of the modern times in all its aspects. With a superb blend of luxurious accommodation and comfort, the Montcalm hotel nowadays is the first choice of the tourists coming here.

As mentioned earlier, the luxury quotient of the hotel is reflected from all the aspects. Starting with the rooms of the hotels, mention should be made of the decoration in the bedrooms. These are beautifully designed with classy furnishings and magnificent bathrooms featured with rain showers. S needless to say that such a world-class decoration and convenience reflect that the hotel is equipped with design and technology.

Mention should be made of the luxury suites of the hotel. This is essentially intended for the tourists with classy taste and a bent for sophistication. The luxury suites are featured with opulence and extravagance of a royal bedroom. Decorated with rich with glamour, they reflect the timeless elegance and thus make your stay here a memorable one. In fact, your stay here during the vacation gives you enough to keep this hotel in your memory forever.

For the guests to enjoy with utmost convenience, they are asked to choose from the room aroma from a wide assortment of sensually exotic fragrances. The sensuous fragrances add more charisma to the room. As an added benefit the guests are given the facilities of accessing the spa and the fitness center inside the hotel. The Montcalm Wellness Centre is one of the famous and exclusive spa center of the area. It is well-decorated and all the amenities required for various health treatment are available here. Moreover, the boarders here can also access the privileges of using the custom whirlpool , swimming pool, gym, and the recreation area. Thus , you can have an all-inclusive convenience getting here which at the same time gives you the true value of the money spent.

Regarding the restaurants of the hotel, it can be said that it is one of the superior kind available in the city of London. With two multi-cuisine restaurants, you can have the convenience of a Bar, where you can choose from the rarest kind of drinks. Apart from this, you can have fun at the Club Lounge, where you can enjoy a perfect British life style with afternoon Tea.

Last but not the least, staying in the Montcalm Hotel, allows you to check out some of the famous tourist attractions nearby, while shopping around from the wholesale and retail market at Oxford Street.

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