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Thompson Hotel- The Premier Kind of Luxury Boutique Hotel

When it comes to luxury boutique hotel, the name of the Thompson Hotel should deserve special mention. It’s one of the most famous hotel of the city that offers exclusive and classy accommodation according to the taste of the travelers. Known for offering the perfect blend of British classical excellence with American Bohemian attitude, the hotel is now one of the most preferred accommodation option to the guests coming to London. The premier hotel is essentially one of the most famous one for offering upscale accommodations in the city, although the budget accommodation can also get the accommodation according to their choice.

Located is the posh and affluent areas of Central London, the Thompson hotel is just a few minutes’ walk from the popular sites, and shops of the town. While staying in the hotel, the tourists can check out the nearby tourists’ attractions, which are sure to give you a great time during the vacation in London. From the aesthetic point of view, the hotel represents luxurious exuberance at its best. With sheer touch of excellence and attention to details in terms of design, dining, and art, the hotel has attracted the attention of the international tourists worldwide.

The bold interior architecture and design by the famous interior designers are the special attraction here in this hotel. Apart from the exquisitely furnished rooms, the boarders can enjoy the privilege of an library bar, a spa and fitness center. With all these added advantage, you are sure to get an awesome environment in the seductive oasis just at the heart of the city. Moreover, the chic and stylish lobby has carved its uniqueness from the rest. Needles to say, that the hotel is a great place for the amateur traveler as well as the business guests alike.

The travelers in this hotel are given the facilities of Wi-Fi access, 24 hour dining in the room, on-demand lunch and breakfast facility, fitness center, restaurants and bars, chilling out in the lounge. To attract the guests, they offer special discount offers round the year. Tourists can check it out in the website or in various travel portals before booking. The hotel also send newsletter and email updates to those who are subscribed. Thus, people can plan outs their trip accordingly.

Those who are planning to hold conference and large-scale business meetings in any plush hotels of the capital city of the United kingdom, can consider this hotel as their venue. Here, you can get a wide range of facilities, which offer cutting-edge solution to all your diverse needs. Moreover, attentive staffs are always at your service as and when required.

However, before making any plans to visit the city, check out the tariffs and rates offered by the hotel.

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Experience the Luxury Lifestyle At Montcalm Hotel

When it comes to the luxury hotels in London, the Montcalm hotel should deserve a special mention. It’s the newest addition in the luxury hotel chain of the capital city of England and is s conveniently located at the Park Lane. Not only holding the charismatic charm of the heritage city of London, the hotel always reflects the refreshing, and contemporary design of the modern times in all its aspects. With a superb blend of luxurious accommodation and comfort, the Montcalm hotel nowadays is the first choice of the tourists coming here.

As mentioned earlier, the luxury quotient of the hotel is reflected from all the aspects. Starting with the rooms of the hotels, mention should be made of the decoration in the bedrooms. These are beautifully designed with classy furnishings and magnificent bathrooms featured with rain showers. S needless to say that such a world-class decoration and convenience reflect that the hotel is equipped with design and technology.

Mention should be made of the luxury suites of the hotel. This is essentially intended for the tourists with classy taste and a bent for sophistication. The luxury suites are featured with opulence and extravagance of a royal bedroom. Decorated with rich with glamour, they reflect the timeless elegance and thus make your stay here a memorable one. In fact, your stay here during the vacation gives you enough to keep this hotel in your memory forever.

For the guests to enjoy with utmost convenience, they are asked to choose from the room aroma from a wide assortment of sensually exotic fragrances. The sensuous fragrances add more charisma to the room. As an added benefit the guests are given the facilities of accessing the spa and the fitness center inside the hotel. The Montcalm Wellness Centre is one of the famous and exclusive spa center of the area. It is well-decorated and all the amenities required for various health treatment are available here. Moreover, the boarders here can also access the privileges of using the custom whirlpool , swimming pool, gym, and the recreation area. Thus , you can have an all-inclusive convenience getting here which at the same time gives you the true value of the money spent.

Regarding the restaurants of the hotel, it can be said that it is one of the superior kind available in the city of London. With two multi-cuisine restaurants, you can have the convenience of a Bar, where you can choose from the rarest kind of drinks. Apart from this, you can have fun at the Club Lounge, where you can enjoy a perfect British life style with afternoon Tea.

Last but not the least, staying in the Montcalm Hotel, allows you to check out some of the famous tourist attractions nearby, while shopping around from the wholesale and retail market at Oxford Street.

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Have A Fun Time At Boston Court Hotel

Those who are looking for a sophisticated stay within a budget, Boston Court Hotel can be the great choice for you. London, being the expensive city, the accommodation cost is extremely high most of the time. Moreover, the hotels in the central location are exorbitantly priced round the year. However, most of the tourist folk in London, belongs to the middle class and hence the need for the budget class hotels is gradually increasing.

This is actually a family run hotel and is located in a refurbished Victorian building. At present, the hotel is listed as the English Heritage. Located centrally in one of the best part of the capital city of the UK, It’s just a two minutes walk from the famous tourist attractions, such as Hyde Park, Marble Arch, and Oxford Street, the world-class shopping destination.

Due to its centralized location, the hotel is easily accessible from various parts of the city. Quite obviously, it is well connected with road, rail and tube transport. Thus, you can easily and instantly access the major tourists attractions of the city. While staying in this hotel, you can enjoy a truly welcoming atmosphere and cordial treatment to the guests coming from all over the world.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel us a great choice for budget conscious travellers. Many a times, people who belong to the budget class, look for comfort and cleanliness, but affording luxury hotels is beyond their reach. However, Boston Court hotel offers the same at very reasonable prices. What’s more! You can enjoy access to the hotel 24 hours a day. No matter when you arrive, you can check into the hotel. However, the reception of the hotel remains open from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm. Therefore, if you are arriving late, you must notify the hotel authorities about the same. If you are arriving late and the restaurant is closed, you will be served with continental breakfast at no extra charge.

The hotels also offers the facility of online booking. According to that, you can book your rooms, right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, they offer a secured transaction process, which allows people to make payments safely, without any hassle. At the same time, there is no problem regarding fraudulent transaction. What’s more! You can check the rooms of the hotels in the website before booking, Sometimes, online booking gives you attractive discounts as well. From all this perspective, it’s a win-win situation.

The hotel offers a wide range of facilities apart from the standard facilities available in a room. While staying here, the boarders can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities, which includes, boating, cycling, sightseeing tours, and so on. In short, you can have a fun time here.

Hotel Special Offers For the Tourists

As the peak tourist season sets in, the usual rush of the tourist visiting various famous tourist attractions can be seen everywhere. The hotels at these tourist spots are also gearing up to receive a fresh group of tourists who will be flocking in the city and will be enjoying their vacation. As a tourist planning to visit some of the very popular of tourist places in the globe one of the major concern is to get a decent accommodation at an affordable rate.

Special Offers For All

The hotels in these tourist spots also try to lure in as much guests as possible. This has resulted in hotels special offers which are offered by most of the hotels for those visiting their hotels and the offers are indeed lucrative and can be of great help if one wishes to stay within the budget. The hotels special offers are of various kinds like giving discounts on bulk bookings and even special rates on online bookings through the official websites of the hotels. Some of the hotels special offers include special packages and complimentary packages with some added advantage over the basic ones.

Online Portals & Tourism Companies With Offers

The hotels special offers are not only offered by the hotels alone, they are also being offered by the various tourism companies and more by those who offer online portals to book various hotels in advance. These tourism companies and the online portals provide a wonderful opportunity to the tourists to check out the best of all hotels special offers and then decide on the one that will be most affordable and convenient as well as serve all their purpose.

Special Offers A Win-Win Situation

In the famous tourist attractions there are also many top class hotels which offer luxurious amenities and services to make the experience of the guests staying over there a memorable one. The hotels special offers are also announced by some of these top class hotels which makes it really affordable for many tourist to enjoy the hospitality and the luxury of these hotels without bothering about overshooting the budget. Thus whichever hotel is offering these hotels special offers it is the guests who are the ultimate winners.

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Best Western Swiss Cottage For a Pleasurable Stay

The hot and happening city of London has always been the center of attraction for the tourists worldwide. But, the true pleasure of staying in the city actually depends on how properly you choose your accommodation. Without a proper accommodation, it’s not possible to enjoy the city at it’s best. However, the accommodation choice depends on the financial capacity of the tourists. But, choosing the Best Western Swiss Cottage can serve all your purpose.

While talking about the Swiss cottage hotel, mention should be made of the townhouse hotel London. This is located is the close vicinity of the Swiss Cottage underground station and the West End. Quite obviously, the hotel is easily accessible by bus, train, tube and most famous London taxi.

While staying at the hotel, the tourists can enjoy checking out some of the world famous attractions in the city of London. Right from Eurostar Terminal at St. Pancras to madam Tussads, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Regent’s Park, Big Ben and so on. You can also visit the O2 Arena and Wembley Stadium. Amidst the serene and residential neighborhood of Swiss Cottage Hotel, you can have the best experience of a romantic vacation with yours partner. Moreover, staying in this hotel allows you to stay in the convenience of the central location of London and at the same time gives you a cozy stay far from the maddening crowd and noise of the city.

However, the discussion about the townhouse hotel London is never complete without a brief overview of the suites and the rooms. The suites are not only decorated with fashionable furniture but also reflect the charisma of the English classical era in all its aspects. The exquisite paintings and fine tapestries intensify the charm of the rooms all the more. In a standard room, you can find the spacious beds, antique sofas, wardrobes and ornamental desks. Moreover, the rooms are equipped with hairdryers,, bathroom slippers and bathrobes, LCD television with all the news and sports channels, tea or coffee making machines, facsimile, 24/7 access to the WI-FI and the clock radios.

With exclusive charming ambiance and sheers sophistication, one can have the convenience of accessing the friendly and attentive staff. Thus, you can enjoy staying in the relaxing and soothing ambiance, which also gives you to the reminiscences of the private county. Who has stayed in this hotel once will remember it for a lifetime.

The conference facilities offered by the Swiss Cottage deserve special mention. Since years, business people have found this as the most preferred venue. Not only one can get the best facilities for holding conferences, but can also access the support staff as and when required.

Check out more about the hotel in the website or yous can also check out leading travel portals to find more information.

Serviced Apartments For A Personalized Vacation

If one is planning a vacation, the very next step after deciding on the location is the accommodation booking. There are various hotels available now-a-days with various kinds of offers and facilities available for the guests. While hotels are a common thought when it comes to decide on the accommodation during any trip, there are yet other options to choose from which is not known to a lot of people.

Serviced apartments are great for accommodation and one such option which is something quite different from that of hotels. Apartment accommodation booking is no big deal and is quite cheap as compared to the hotels. If one is deciding on spending the vacation with one’s family at one of the premiere cities in the world one can get some of the best furnished apartments on offer for apartment accommodation booking.

What sets these serviced apartments apart from the other hotels available is the ease of getting the apartment accommodation booking done as well as the privacy it offers to its occupants. If one decides to make an apartment accommodation booking one can actually enjoy a lot more homely feeling and keep the family bonding intact because of a lot of reasons which would not be possible in case of a hotel booking.

If one gets a furnished apartment one will be amazed to find the homely feeling and the option of cooking one’s own meals which saves a lot of money from not ordering the meals from the restaurants and will ensure that if there is something special one wish to make for one’s family then it is possible in just the way the person wants to. The TV available in these apartments also ensure that you have quality family time together while enjoying a movie and the family bonding remains even when you are miles away from your home. The presence of a number of bedrooms ensures that each member of the family have their own privacy which is not possible in a hotel.

So if you are planning on having vacations try out apartment accommodation booking and give your family a vacation which they will wish to have again and again.

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